Monday, October 27, 2014

Week #10 - Let it Rain!!!

Hello guys!!

This week has been AWESOME. I have finally experienced Florida! We had a ginormous rainstorm  that soaked us within minutes. We were walking to the car, opened the door, and just froze! It was pouring, so we grabbed our umbrellas and booked it to the car. We hoped that it would stop raining before we arrived to our area to Harvest, but no. I had been reading in the Book of Mormon that day about Samuel the Lamanite. He was perfectly obedient to the Lord when asked to return back to the city to proselyte even though he had to get creative in order to teach; he climbed up a wall!! We needed to do an hour of Harvesting; so we got creative. No one would open their door to us, so we offered our umbrellas to people, and stopped them in the street or just walked in the rain proudly showing our nametags and smiling - that shouts the gospel message right there. When people see us walking around in crazy rain and SMILING (the streets were so flooded that cars were dying in the puddles and you couldn't see the street), then people will KNOW that we have a good reason. So worth it :) I've never had so much fun on my mission than I did in that single one hour - even though it was miserable!
My feet are getting thrashed!

 My Spanish is getting better. I've been able to understand the people 10 times better, but I still can't speak as well as I would like. In a recent prayer I thanked the Lord for the grapes (uvas) falling from the heavens instead of rain (llueve) and blessed someone with congratulations (felicitaciones) instead of happiness (felices). It's bad!! Not to mention my dreaming. That's has gotten WAY worse. Now, Hna McAfee and I straight up team-teach in our sleep. We will have conversations and teach people - we literally have language study in our sleep :) !! 

We have been teaching a lot of less-actives who require some extra effort. During one of our most recent teaching appointments, we were talking about the Word of Wisdom with Pascual. Behind us was a carful who were VERY drunk. Ironic!! Anyway, all of a sudden one stumbles out of his car and walks around towards us. We were a little wary....he just pulled down his pants and started peeing. In public. Yep!! I had earlier turned away and was missing the whole thing, so when our investigator got a little wide-eyed I turned to see what was the deal.  Hna McAfee pounced on me to cover my eyes and yelled, "Don't look mi hija (my daughter)!" Don't worry Mom, I've got a real good mother here in Florida, too :) 

I've been learning a lot in the Book of Mormon about names and the significance they hold. If this gospel isn't true, someone has just pulled off the greatest sham known to MAN! EVERYTHING connects to everything and the symbolism is through the roof!! Now instead of just reading a scripture, I scavenge through verses trying to more fully understand exactly how things connect. I am so sad that I have spent 19 years of my life merely skimming the surface of the scriptures. I see all of the things that I've been missing and just want to beat my old self because it is all so RICH! The Lord promises us that if we put in our effort, He will give us blessings like crazy. That's how I feel right now. I was also reading in 3 Nephi 3:2-10 and couldn't help but notice the similiarities between the evil guy in this passage and Satan. Satan was literally using him as a mouth piece because he is still all upset about not being the chosen Messiah. Read it!! You will understand what I mean. It'll blow your mind! Everything that Satan does is because he is still stuck in the PAST. He can't move past his failures or not getting things his way - which makes me realize that if we are doing that, we are following Satan. Move on. Don't dwell in the past. Allow the Atonement to change you!


Miracle this week: Andrea is our 15 yr old and has been prepared by our Heavenly Father for 2 YEARS! Her cousin has been asking her for 2 years if she will get baptized but she just hasn't felt ready. We met her when we were harvesting and immediately she felt differently. She took us as a sign that she was supposed to get baptized. We had planned to teach the lesson about the 10 commandments, but instead talked only about Moroni 10:3-5 for an hour. We talked about her fears about baptism, why she didn't feel ready, and how she could know if she was ready. We asked her to kneel and to ask her Father in Heaven if she was ready right then. When she finished praying we asked her how she felt. She said her chest felt all warm and full. We testified this was the Spirit and asked her if she would be baptized. SHE SAID YES! When we continued talking with her about her baptism, she started saying "I think I'm ready", but then stopped herself and said, "I KNOW I'm ready". They are so loved by the Lord and we ADORE our investigators. We have 4 people set up to be baptized within the next 3 weeks :) 

Carving pumpkins at a Zone Activity
Our pumpkin was the Tree of Life!
I love you all, see you next week!

Hna Lake

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