Monday, October 20, 2014

Week #9 - Eat a gator before it eats you!!!

Hola Familia!
Quote of Florida: Eat gator before it eats you. Yeah, .....awesome!! 

So lets just have a small freak out moment with Hermana Lake. Guys, today is my TWO MONTH MARK. I only have 16 months left!! Nooooo!! I love you all so much but my mission is "manna to my taste."
This week was one of focus. We worked so hard! I've also been able to realize how much the Lord knows us and how much I have to learn. Hna McAfee and I  had a heart-to-heart this week and I was blown away with the woman that she is. The Lord knows how to make us the best missionaries possible if we will only ask Him to show us how. I hadn't realized the ways the Lord was trying to make me a better person, a better missionary, and a better daughter of God. Hna McAfee helped open my eyes this week. I understand my weaknesses even more clearly but I also better understand how the Lord is going to turn them into strengths and how I must do my part. Hna M. was extremely profound this week and said "The Gospel makes Boys into Men". It is so TRUE! Through the gospel of Jesus Christ we BECOME men and women of our Heavenly Father and GROW! I love this church to stinkin' much!! 

One of our investigators asked us this week if we were angels. We were in the middle of a lesson and we were reiterating that we were representatives of Jesus Christ and he goes, "You could be angels right?"...we were both a little shocked and said, "No." However, later that week I was reading in Alma 13 and in verses 22-27 it talks about angels. These people think we are angels because they have the Light of Christ which allows them to recognize the principles that they understood in the pre-mortal life. In lessons we present the truth and their spirits recognize that our message is of God. They recognize our purpose and the spirit we carry is of God. Of course they would think we are angels! We are doing the work of angels! Check out the verses, they are pretty cool.

One of our Less Actives name is Pedro. He is pretty cool guy from Guatemala who only comes up to my shoulder....or smaller. Not sure. Anyways, he lives in a very run down area and where many occupants cannot afford to live alone or with only their family. When we held a lesson about the Restoration with Pedro (HIS UNCLE LISTENED TO THE WHOLE THING!! MIRACLE!), we asked him to call us when he finished reading the assigned scriptures to tell us what he learned. We got home and Pedro called. But after talking to him for about 2 minutes he all the sudden starts speaking very rapidly in Spanish and hangs up. Later he calls us back and tells us that someone had broken into their house and stole a phone and Pedro's wallet. Pedro starts telling us how he is scared because the guy had a pistol. We told him to just run if someone chased him and that he could run fast. He just said, "They don't give me time to run!" Hna McAfee told him to just ask really nicely next time. He calmed down as we joked with him and he ended up laughing. 

Carolina is still being very stubborn about the priesthood authority. We've explained it multiple times but she refuses to listen to the promptings the Lord is giving her. Guys, pride is the downfall of all men and women. We were straight up honest with her and explained that Satan is going to do everything he can to keep her from being baptized, testified to her, and read super spiritual scriptures. We left that lesson so pumped because of how strong the spirit was....but she just ignored it. We continue to work with her and pray for her but we'll see. 

One miracle that we saw this week had to do with Olga and her family. We invited them to a party our ward had like two weeks ago and she just barely had time to meet with us. We went over to teach her and they were hanging on our every word. They accepted baptism and when we tried to leave, they kept asking us questions. I NOW UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ELECT! This family didn't want us to leave without knowing that we would come over again. They cherish the words of God and are open to how the Lord can change their lives through our message. I also got to see my purpose a little more fully. I loved them so immediately that I just couldn't imagine not working my hardest to see this sweet family sealed forever. I viewed them how the Savior did, and loved them as He does.  

This work is real. The gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE. Don't ever turn your back on the things it can teach to you. I've been studying a lot on the ways that Satan works against us and have had my eyes OPENED. He is a sneaky and dangerous man. In Hel 3:23 it talks about how the people didn't know about the Gadianton Robbers so they couldn't get rid of it. If you don't know about the can't get rid of him! I don't ever want to be ignorant to the workings of one as dangerous as him. Gird up your LOINS!!!! :) :)  

Have a great week! Love you all!!

Hna Lake


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