Monday, November 24, 2014

Week #14 - Lis got Baptized!

Hello everyone!

This week I am eternally grateful for rain and for rejection. 
This week we got to watch Meet the Mormons as part of a specialized training. If you haven't watched it yet, you should. Its funny, touching and very spiritual. It's made by inspired people :) 

I sent out a picture this week that just funny of me teaching a lesson to our recent convert (She got baptized this last SUNDAY!). As you can tell, I was really into it :) When I feel the Spirit during a lesson, my voice gets more gentle, sincere and passionate and my hands start getting into the lesson. I look up to try to hear what the Spirit wants for me to say and I more often then not look up for moments to figure out what Spanish word to use :) Every time I speak Spanish, certain ladies in my ward just smile and coo at me saying, "Awwww, Que Linda" Which translates to "Awwwwww, How cute!" I AM NOT CUTE!!! I am a representative trying her hardest!! 

I've come to the realization that Christmas is better explained with those feelings you get when Investigators come to Sacrament Meeting. You wait with great anticipation, you look and look and look to see if there are "presents under the tree" and then you unwrap the gift as they walk in and sit down ON TIME! Joy, giddiness and laughter and you just can't contain your excitement. Or they don't come and it's like the times you get socks for Christmas...come on, we've all had that present before. Disappointment, sadness and a little regret enter your heart. But that's okay...Christmas comes once every week here! ;)  I know understand the feelings that children get on Christmas....I hope I never forget again :) 

Miracle: LIS GOT BAPTIZED! She came to church and everything but when we saw her she did NOT look good. She had a fever, super bad headache, etc. It was bad. She received a priesthood blessing which helped a little bit. She stayed for all three hours and that only helped a little bit as well. But then we got to her baptism and afterwards.....She explained it as though she was floating. She said she felt so liberated, so free, so much peace and that all the sicknesses she had before were GONE! Satan will try everything to keep people from making these covenants. Fight tooth and nail and peace comes :) After the baptism she was asking us if we would still come by her house and visit her. Then she adamantly said, "NO QUIERO CUALQUIER OTRAS HERMANAS. YO QUIERO ESTAS HERMANAS." For a 5'2 Cuban, She is FIERCE :) And I love her.
Lis's Baptism
I LOVE MY MISSION!!!!!!!! I love how hard it is and how I constantly feel out of place. No worries, all with time! I will grow and become :) 

Hna lake

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