Monday, November 10, 2014

Week #12 _ Me Llamo Hermana Lago

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, just a laugh. So here, no one can pronounce my companion's name (Hna McAfee) so they always call her really weird things. They have started calling her MacCafe or McAfea ( fea means ugly). Then they get to my name and all of a sudden "Lake" becomes impossible. SO I am hereafter known as Hermana Lago.  I'll take it - always :) 

This week was GREAT! I'm finally starting to feel like a missionary and to fit in to exactly what I need to do. This is the END of my first transfer but it's all good because I'm staying in the same area, with the same companion. Sadly my favorite STL ever is leaving, Sister Aisa, to return to Australia. I'm going to love every single Hna from now on....regardless of how hard it is.  

My studying in the Book of Mormon has been insane. So, basically I started out studying names then went on a ride lead entirely by the Lord. Everything connects - which is crazy to me :) Names, callings, Urimm and Thummim, temples, kingdoms of Glory, purification and sanctification, circumcision, blindness, uncircumcised hearts, prayer, mind, revelation, understanding and submission. The Lord AMAZES me with everything that He knows and is willing to teach me. Basically, I learned this week about how the heart and mind work with each other. Our mind is kind of like a funnel to the things of the world. It receives temptations, senses, knowledge, etc. Everything goes into the mind and it processed there right? Then the heart filters out what is true and good from the bad. We filter our minds through our hearts, through the Holy Ghost. The reason we need the heart/HG is because our minds have the veil. Our memories are held back from us. BUT we will always remember feelings better than anything else. Essentially, our hearts do not have the veil. That is how others are able to have the Light of Christ without the Holy Ghost (before baptism). This light is actually the Holy Ghost helping us to recognize those things that we already previously knew but cannot remember due to the veil. However, the only way that we can achieve "understanding" is by being completely submissive to the Lord. When we understand more about the Lord and His purpose in our lives and therefore, our divine heritage, we UNDERSTAND everything more fully. It's like we are given a puzzle piece to the universe every time we give a piece of ourselves more fully to the Lord. If you want to read more about it, look at the talk by Neal A Maxwell called "Willing to Submit". It is the BEST! 

Miracles this week: Lis, one of our amazing soon to be baptized, got a really big miracle this week. So we had set up a FHE with a member in our ward and invited her but she can't view messages till she gets off at work at 6-6:30. So at around 6 we went over to her house because we felt like we needed to talk to her just a little bit to round her up for the FHE. We went over and she opened the door. (She told us later that at the exact moment we were knocking on the door, she was sending us a message saying she couldn't go.) We talked about what would happen, how fun it would be and how long it would be. That day had been terrible for her because her card (All her money) had been declined, work was difficult and she was overworked (happens a LOT with Latins. A lot of work with almost no pay) , she couldn't call her family and she had been having family problems at home with her kids. When kids are going off the path, the mothers really struggle. I've seen it myself :)  But anyway, we convinced her to come. She really enjoyed it and the members did amazing. Anyways, a few days later we were teaching her and she told us more about her experience. She had been feeling really alone and felt very depressed that week. We called her up and invited her and she did NOT want to go. But she felt like she should give it a chance when we showed up at her house. She came and then the rest of her week was WONDERFUL. She had so many tender mercies and blessings happen from just FHE! She was happier, she had hope for her family and she felt like the Lord was there for her. The Lord loves ALL his children :)  

SUPER FUN THING! So, we have two awesome people from our district going home, our STL and Zone Leader. Because they are going home, we got it approved to go "Sunrising". We drove down the pier in Lantana Florida and watched the sunrise. I was up and at 'em at 4 this morning! We drove all the way down there and took some of the most amazing pictures. Only sad part is that, weirdly enough, IT WAS RAINY! Huh, who da thunk in Florida right? Seriously, it feels like Seattle sometimes. It's even cold here! We had clouds everywhere and it was lightly drizzling. Lame. But that's okay because we still got some awesome pictures. The Lord created one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen here.  

Another miracle is Amado. So he is an older guy that we met while walking down the street. The stinker actually was kind of cat calling us and calling us "dolls" because we are blonde with blue eyes. All Latins say we look like Dolls or that Hna and I are sisters. *insert eye roll with a rueful grin. (I've really learned that my vocabulary has a lot of words that most people don't even know. Hna McAfee often needs me to explain the meaning of words I say. In English and Spanish!) Anyway, we gave him a card and walked away. Then a week or so later, we knocked on his door whilst harvesting. Interesting. Had a lesson but he just wasn't interested. Then he called the number for a Finding Faith DVD and when we came over he said that he had religious people come to his house all the time but that he only listens to us because we are the closest to the Catholic church. He then expressed interest in learning more. He had been so humbled over the past few weeks and was ready to accept the gospel. We meet with him tomorrow. Keep you posted :)  

Love you All!

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