Monday, August 17, 2015

Week #52 - Gratitude is Gratis!

Buenas Familia!

Funny Story: As mentioned, we've become a little creative with our OYM techniques and it is fun! One day we biked a "GreenWay" next to our canals, we see a little bump on the road. No bigger that a small cookie. We screeched to a stop and backed up to find our adorable little friend, Jimsley. Jimsley is baby turtle that almost became a pancake on a GreenWay. Why JIMSLEY? Well, we were quite worried for his welfare as many other people bike that path and would likely not see our cookie-sized friend. As we debated throwing him back into the canal, another biker approached. We called out to him and asked for his opinion as to what we should do with our little reptilian friend. This man's name was Jimsley and kindly advised us to just put him back. Jimsley then accepted a card and truly felt the Spirit as we testified his life could be so much happier through the message of the gospel. Maybe we didn't get a return appointment for the Elders but we strived to make a difference in someone's life...all because of a turtle.

I am converted to OYMing! Seriously, so many miracles happened this week and I loved it. OYMing people was really awkward at first but I talked to my brother in law (shout out to Brian)  who had served in multiple bike areas, and got some great ideas. We came up with ways to break the ice with people and dispel the feeling that we had stopped to talk to them just to convert them to our church...I mean, that is our purpose but I want people to know that we genuinely love them! It worked really well and we saw amazing fruits of laughter, rejection, and tender hearts touched. Truly, when we are in the service of our fellow man, we are in the service of our God. Or better said, the truest way we can serve God is by serving our fellow man!

Sister LeBaron and I were reading out of the 4th Missionary this morning and came across a quote that I love. "The more you pay attention to your conscience, the more your conscience will demand from you." It made me realize that when we give ourselves "a break" in missionary work (or life) to prance around in the daisy fields of sin and distraction, Satan makes it so we want it more and more. It is so much more effective to work, work, and work! There is no other substitute. As members, we sacrifice a lot; however, we also receive 100 fold what we gave and the benefits are ten times better anyway. Who needs daisies when you've got roses? The thorns may prick and draw blood, but the aroma, color, and flower itself is so much sweeter.  

"Lost" means unable to be found. If I want to work, I need to give my ENTIRE self to God and turn outward. Every time I felt the loss of the Spirit (just a bit) or have felt frustrated in the work it was because I started turning inward. If we turn outward, WE WILL BE HAPPY! Just like President Gordon B Hinckley says in Preach My Gospel. It is so true!

It is the same with each one of you "normal citizens."  You guys are POWERFUL everyday missionaries. You may not wear a nametag but you have the Spirit. You weren't set apart but you were baptized. You don't live a missionary schedule, wear nice clothes while riding bikes, or use turtles to talk to people on the street - BUT YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD! As a child of God, you are given the sacred privilege, and right, to help your fellow man, get out of yourself and to care about someone else. It's hard - I won't deny that - But it is SO worth it. I promise you will be happier. Pinky promise with a double cherry on top!

Miracle: Sister LeBaron and I had planned out our day perfectly and set out to achieve our goals. But everything fell through. It was as if the Lord was saying, "You thought you had a plan huh? Well, try this one. It's better :)" Truly, it was better! We went to go see a referral and they told us to come back in an hour, so, we decided to knock doors close to the home. As we followed the Spirit, we found a complex that was FILLED with Latins. We began knocking and within and hour had 4 NI. One is already going to the LDS church in Riverside with a friend and the others are also VERY Christian and became additionally interested in what we believe. God knows what is best! When we returned to contact the referral, they wouldn't answer the door. God knew that would happen but He let us plan that anyway so we could find His other children. As long as we do all we can and try our hardest, He will always work out everything to be for our gain. Rain or Shine, it'll be good for you! 

I love this gospel and I am so grateful for it. My testimony has increased by small increments my whole mission and now...I can truly say I know this is God's church. This is the truth! We have it and therefore, we need to share it. The missionaries, leaders of the church, and God is telling you to open your mouth. I PROMISE you that the first time is the hardest and then it becomes easier and easier. Just try it! Give one person a card this week or just share a quick testimony of God's love for us. Pick something you really feel is true and share it! You will change lives :)  

I've stopped asking God for New Investigators, for baptisms, or for the work to go my way. Instead, everyday I ask God to let me be in the place where I am needed; to let me know who needs us, our smiles, and our message. Even if they don't accept it, we will gladly be there to lift them and help them. I've noticed the change it brings into missionary work and I testify that it will unlock a new level of joy and fulfillment in your life.

I love you all! Be safe and go share your testimony!

Hna Lake


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