Monday, August 3, 2015

Week #50 - Miracles!

FAMILY!! So I love you people, a lot. It's true.  

Galatians 2:20- "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth‍ in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith‍ of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me."
Today I was making a planner and had used this scripture. The front picture was one of a stonecutter, beating small pieces of rock away to make something beautiful. The back was a picture of Jesus Christ calling to His disciples. This scripture really hit me because of the message it carried with the pictures.
Jesus Christ had his hands and feet pierced by stakes quite like those used to chisel away rock. As the Master stonecutter, He uses trials and tribulations to shape me. As this occurs,  I am truly crucified with him. I give my heart, mind, might and strength to my Heavenly Father just as the Savior did.  But truly, that is when Christ can work through me. "Nevertheless, I live" What a call to courage and battle!

This week we saw SO many miracles and I have been dumbfounded with how often I have been able to feel the spirit leading our companionship.  

#1: We were knocking in a apartment complex and after knocking for about 1.5 hours, we got in the car and drove away. As I was driving, I felt uneasy and asked Sister LeBaron how she felt. We both decided to go back because we felt that we hadn't found the person we were meant to find. We knocked for about another hour and then knocked into Marcela. She is AMAZING. Loved the restoration and is diligently searching to know if it is true for herself because she wants to be baptized if it is!

#2: We went over to go a Less-Active family and had come with a certain scripture in mind as to what they needed to hear. As we sat down and began talking to them, we asked to see their scriptures because they had Doctrine and Covenants. We began turning to D&C and just knew that it was wrong. That wasn't what we were supposed to share. So we followed the Spirit and turned instead to 3 Nephi 22:14-15. We read it with them and immediately, both of their faces were shocked. My companion and I were a little apprehensive thinking we had just offended them or something. The mother then proceeded to ask how on earth we decided to share that scripture. We explained how we had planned another but felt prompted to instead share this one. The mother looked at us and explained some of the hardships they had been going through due to hostility from members of their family. This was exactly the scripture that they needed to hear. During the rest of the visit, Vanessa (the mother) couldn't stop exclaiming on the miracle it was.

#3: We went to go see a former (who skipped out) and so we decided to knock doors in the area. We knocked through one building and felt it wasn't right. We felt we needed to go farther back. As we walked back to the farthest building and began knocking, a man walked out of his apartment. We began talking to him and the conversation quickly turned towards the Book of Mormon. He was so interested and immediately asked to read it. We gave him a copy and set up a time to come back. When we came back, he had read the chapter and was ready with questions. We then explained the Restoration and he committed to be baptized as soon as he received his answer the it was the truth. Miracles come from just following the Spirit and opening your mouth!


The Savior works in mysterious ways....but He never works in a way that will not bring you happiness. All the He does is for our good. Period.  

Hna Lake

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