Monday, January 18, 2016

Week #74 - God's Timing is always Perfect!

A woman, Caridad, whom we had invited to attend church 2 months ago, came to church this past Sunday! We had already left the building because it was Stake Conference and the time had changed. The Stake President found her and he called us to let us know. We had no idea who she was, nor where she lived or her phone number. We had no record of her either. This past Monday, we then felt to visit a former investigator, but when we knocked she wasn't there. As we knocked, we OYMed a woman with this little girl who said, "Are you guys from church? I was there! Yesterday!" We were shocked. We asked her to tell us where the woman was who had taken her and she led us right to her home. Caridad was found. God knew exactly where she was! God knows where His elect are and He guides us to find them.

I got into a car accident 2 weeks ago, YES I'M FINE, and we saw SOOO many miracles because of it. The craziest part....the accident was my fault.

Blessing: We met an officer who was really impressed by our honesty with all that happened in the accident. He mentioned that he had met many Mormons before and had always been so impressed by them and their conduct. He said he really admired Mitt Romney and wished that there were more people like us in the world.....He now has a card and will be getting baptized someday. :) We then went to urgent care JUST IN CASE - we are FIIIINE - and the receptionist had been praying that morning for guidance and she said that we were sent there that night. She asked us questions and why we were on missions, etc. She was SUPER interested! She has a bunch of literature of the church now and said she would go on Sunday!

I had an exchange this past week with a trio in my stewardship. As I prayed that night, I felt VERY strongly that I needed to go with one specific sister and that my companion needed to go with the other two. As we were out knocking, this sister (who had been in my stewardship last transfer and I knew very well) started talking to me about the trio. Twice, she looked like her eyes were watering but I didn't say anything. Finally, I asked if she was okay and she burst into tears. She told me about how hard it was for her because of some current struggles on the mission and how she felt she was a terrible missionary. I was able to give her a hug and talk to her about it. The important part is that this sister DOES NOT open up easily but for some reason, we clicked. I knew I needed to be there to help her right then. God sent me specifically to her.

I had another exchange with a sister who had been struggling in her area and her approach to the people. We were focused upon being happy and showing our love.  We met Amelia, who is of another faith. Amelia let us into her house and allowed us to pray with her. OKAY. HUGE DEAL. We talked about how her family was falling apart and  her relationship with her husband was awful. We testified of miracles that  I was seeing in our area with our investigators. Their relationships were also struggling, but as they've learned about the gospel, and applied principles, they've changed. I wish that I could show you guys what I experienced the day that they read the Book of Mormon and prayed together. IT was SO special. They were happier, laughing, joking around with each other and PATIENT. I hadn't seen that the whole time. Amelia is now investigating the church.
I KNOW that God loves us. He puts us where we need to be when we need to be there. I LOVE YOU!

Hna Lake

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