Monday, January 25, 2016

Week #75 - Sunshine!

This Saturday and Sunday were really hard days for me. I was struggling to just feel happy and motivated. It seemed to follow me around and no matter how much I smiled and worked, it didn't seem to sink into my heart of hearts. I felt very fake. It wasn't fun!  

But then on Sunday, I felt a strong impression to get a blessing from the Bishop. At first, I fought against it. I have been sick the past 2 weeks and had already gotten a blessing from the Elders so I didn't feel it was necessary. I didn't want to burden the bishop, etc. and  the list goes on. But I felt that distinct impression and decided to act.  

As the bishop began the blessing, I could feel of my Heavenly Father's love for me as all of my concerns and worries were covered within that blessing. I felt known and loved. Then the bishop said something that caught my attention. He said that I needed to allow Jesus Christ to be equally yoked with me. It really stuck out to me and that small sentence helped me realize something about myself and about life. As bishop talked to us afterwards, he mentioned something that stuck out to me.

 1st: WE ARE NOT ALONE. Our Savior Jesus Christ is waiting to heal.  

2nd: No one can help unless you let them. Bishop mentioned about how they were trying to assign other auxiliaries (like Young Women or High Priests) to do certain things or to have responsibilities. But he said that although it would be faster and easier for him to do it himself, they were trying to delegate! I'm the WORST at delegating. It's not like I don't like it when people help, it's just that I want so badly to get it done that I don't think to ask or allow others to. I'd been doing that in missionary work. I had run and run, worked and worked without allowing anyone to help me and had become quickly burnt out.  

3rd: WE NEED OTHER PEOPLE. Just face it. You can't do it all. You can't be superwoman or man without quickly running out of energy, patience and life. In the end, it is more effective to rely on others because the duration time is quickly tripled or even quadrupled. Once we understand and accept that, the Atonement is actually able to start working in our life......because we've allowed it to.
The greatest gift given to all mankind is often the most overlooked and unused gift of God's Son.  

 This morning as I read about Alma the Older I was struck by the amount of faith that he had. He prayed for the Lord to help his son come to a knowledge of the truth and when it happened, it was likely not in the way Alma the Older was expecting. Yet he continued trusting faithfully in the Lord and began praying that the Lord would use that experience to help the people gain a knowledge of the truth again. Servants of the Lord understand the bigger picture of God's purpose (eternal life and immortality of all men) and so they do not fret when something happens in the way they don't expect. THEY RELY ON JESUS CHRIST AND THE ATONEMENT! As soon as you understand you can't do it all, you are able to do ALL THINGS. As said in Phillipians, "I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me!"

I testify of God's love and His desires to love us into the eternities. I testify of the all powerful nature of the Lord. NOTHING is impossible for Him. As said by a woman we met a while back: "Don't put God in a box."

I love you all and I am happy to say that Hermana Sunshine is back and smiling in full force. You are wonderful! Be safe. : )

Hna Lake

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