Monday, February 8, 2016

Week #77 - The Final Countdown!

Family, I'm really excited to see you. Keep going strong! Don't get trunky! ;)  

This week has been amazing!!! I learned about how God doesn't care so much about the speed, but rather, the direction we go in life. God doesn't measure us by levels, but rather, by trajectories. If we have a trajectory of righteousness in our life, God will be able to bless us and our lives. We will be able to live with Him again! How big of a blessing is that?

Sister Hebdon and I are doing well. We keep our faith high in the area and choose to remain positive. Our numbers were better this last week than they had been in a while! Bit by bit, we are going to find this elect family!  

We received a referral for a family who had a daughter serving a mission in Brazil. When we went over to talk to them, they were so excited and let us in immediately. Thinking that this was our amazing elect family, we set a return appointment after doing some H2BT with the nonmember mother. When we came back the next time to meet with the excommunicated father, unbaptized member of record child, and nonmember mother....they weren't interested in learning more about the gospel. We were so sad!! However, I did realize that our testimonies and our honesty with each other opened the door for later missionaries. If their daughter hadn't been on a mission in that moment, we wouldn't have even gotten in the door. God knows when these people are ready. We just have to find those who are ready to change and to become members of His kingdom. You all help them get there. Don't stop!!

I love you but I've gotta run! I write a really good "dying testimony" next week ;) 

Hna Lake

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