Monday, February 1, 2016

Week #76 - A Perspective on Everything!

 As I near the end of my mission, I reflect upon what it will be like when I no longer wear this tag and officially represent my Savior. It's a tearjerker...But one thing that I've been able to see is that I have been called to minister unto the people of this world. Hopefully, these emails are evidence of that.

 Before I sit down to write my weekly public email I fervently pray to my Father to know what to say. How I can touch the hidden pains of your hearts and bring a sense of peace to your souls. It has proved to be an enlightening experience! The words have flown from my mind and fingers into the ways of cyberspace and it has been humbling as I've received responses from those who have needed it. I am not the one writing these emails. When I come home, I will not be this fountain of wisdom and will not always have the answers. I have been the vessel, not the teacher! The Lord really does give special keys and authority to us as missionaries in order to help us with our calling. However, similar keys are held by your Bishop, Relief Society President, Home Teachers, etc. They receive inspired guidance in our behalf that helps us grow in an eternal perspective. I recently read a talk sent to me by a dear friend who talked about "Rising to the Height of your Calling". It included a story about a bishop, who just after being released, received a visit from a member of the congregation. This member sat down and said, "I know that we have a new bishop but whenever we would talk in interviews, you always gave me such great counsel. Could we talk once more?" The member explained his worries and then waited to receive the guidance he was looking for. This bishop stopped and waited for the thoughts, ideas and impressions to enter his heart. None came. He looked at this member and said, "I'm sorry, but I can't help you." He no longer wore the mantle of bishop. The bishop in the story illustrated how the guidance he had receive was due to the keys he held before and that he truly was a vessel for the Lord. This is something that I'm going to miss. These amazing people and Sisters whom I have served with have been such a source of joy to me as I've been led to know how to lighten their burdens and open their minds. Although I will still have that gift of the Holy Ghost after my mission, my calling will be different.

Each one of us have different responsibilities and keys in order to unlock the gates of heaven to pour out the revelation that we need for ourselves and those under our stewardship. The callings we hold, the children we have, our spouses, friends, etc. give us different responsibilities and therefore ABILITIES in order to fill what the Lord has called us to do. When God calls someone, they may be the imperfect and may even think that they aren't worthy, but the Lord refines us and prepares us in order to have the ABILITIES to fill our RESPONSIBILITIES. Never are we alone. NEVER!

We taught Elder's Quorum this last Sunday, or rather we taught a fake investigator about the Restoration so that they could see what we might teach their friends, and it was a really powerful experience. The EQ President testified of our power and authority as missionaries and wow....did it open my eyes. It humbles me to know of the power I hold as a missionary as he bore testimony to all of them of the spirit we bring and the testimony we hold. Missionaries are powerful representatives of the Savior! We fear no man!

Don't be afraid to ask the missionaries to come into your home. Whether it be for a meal, a lesson, a lesson in your home for an investigator, or to just to help with service. We are willing. We WANT to. Let's face it. WE ALL NEED IT! Take the time to get to know the missionaries in your ward. Ask them to be involved in your life. I promise you that it will help, enhance, enrich and bless you in ways you might not recognize right now. Invite an investigator to be taught in your home. It's the best thing you could do for your children. Invite a friend to eat dinner with the missionaries. You'd be amazed how easily they can feel the difference that we hold. We had someone call us "pure" yesterday. Can you imagine what your friends will say to meet us? 

Please take this seriously :) It's led by the Spirit and will be an answer to your prayers. This I testify! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Hna Lake

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