Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week #2 - God Answers Prayers

Hello Family! 

So let's just say this week has been one of extreme laughter. Everything that has happened has been hilarious. Hermana and I had some grand run ins with language slip ups. Hardcore. During one lesson, I accidentally asked Jorge if when he had any questions (the Spanish word for Pause (pausas)) I asked him if he had any wives (esposas) It was hilarious. Then Hermana Simmons was trying to ask if he had any thoughts and actually asked, "Do you even think?" He busted up at that one. We have heard of people saying "Repent of your fishes (pescados) instead of sins (pecados) AH! So much good! (A new Hna Simmons phrase I've picked up.)  Now Jorge is our teacher in the afternoon and we have two new investigators, Mario and Luis. My morning and afternoon teachers are very good teachers! We all love them because each class is filled with both laughter and spiritual upliftment. We laugh more in one lesson than I do for the 24 hours before. To describe them, Hno Vargas is rather like Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks: So innocent and sweet and absolutely hilarious. He has the cutest laugh. When he was explaining how to pray in Spanish the other day he said "Fold your arms, kneel down and close the door...." Then got this impish grin on his face because only like 3 of us caught it and started giggling. It was great. Then Hno Hernandez is very sarcastic and loves to joke around with us. Just the other day during Stress Management training he goes,  "When people are stressed....ain't nobody got time for dat!" You would have to hear it in his Spanish accent with the stumbling contractions but we were all DYING. I love it here!! We do push ups in vocab and phrases study. He counts and we bob up and down. Boys in front, Girls in back. I do push ups every morning and then in class?? Beast mode over here. 
Our view of Mexico City from the CCM

The power of prayer is so real, people. God honestly knows us each individually and all those who have been praying for me...I have felt your prayers. I never understood why people say "I felt your prayers" but now I do. I went to bed that week and each night it was like getting smashed into the mattress further by 60 prayers. I was out in minutes. No problems sleeping anymore and I now can get up at 5:30 every morning and go running with Hna Simmons. It's glorious. We only have gym time for about 50 minutes so we get a work out in early and then play volleyball or basketball. I AM GETTING SO GOOD! I was making 3 pointers and rocking that court. I even got people out playing "Speed" or "Bump" or whatever. 

We have power outages every single day. Whatever time - It happens. One day it went out at like 9:30 at night. Every one getting ready for bed was lost in the darkness. I have pictures of the Hnas and I snuggling on a bed as we all journaled under one small flashlight. So good.

Hna and I have started saying "Nunca" to each other as a reminder to be nice. I have a very....."uninhibited" opinion at times and I can be extremely rude. So to remind each other, if something sounded rude, we say "nunca" or "never" to stop the thought and then we have to say something nice to repay the rudeness. I love it :) 

I have seen more Costco pizza, Chick fillet fries and corn dogs in these past couple weeks than I would like. Sadly, the Mexican food isn't all that great on the stomach sometimes so lately I just eat fruit and salad. I get teased by everyone :) I am now dubbed "The Rabbit". 

The spirit works through each of us so amazingly. I felt truly inspired earlier when we didn't know what to teach to just read the BOM 1 Nephi 8 and take about the principles involved in Lehi's dream. IT WAS AMAZING. But then, this week we decided to try and go without notes. I had a mini break down afterwards because I wanted to teach SO BADLY but couldn't get the words across in Spanish. SO FRUSTRATING! My comp took Spanish for 2 years before me and knows a lot more than I do. I struggle, while she is smooth. I hate it - but I love it - because I learn from her. I can't learn Spanish in 3 weeks no matter how badly I want to! 

We sing constantly. It's awesome and I am so grateful that you made me do choir growing up because now, I can actually sing. The District turns to me for the pitch to start on now, I have gotten that much better. It lasts about 2 notes but it still makes me all warm and fuzzy and stuff. 


Hermana Lake

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