Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week #3 - Mexico es muy frio!


Life is so good here! Mexico is supposed to hot, but it is so cold here! We only have cardigans to wear since we are going to Florida and so we freeze all the time. But we get these beautiful foggy mornings and it rains like crazy. Every day at around 5:30 pm, everyone runs for cover as a torrential rain pour attacks the CCM. Hermana and I forgot our umbrellas during one particularly bad rainstorm so we documented our cuteness. Most days I only have my umbrella so we wrap our arms around each other and snuggle under one umbrella. It's grand!  Also, besides the wonderful nickname of "The Bunny" given to me by the district, I am also known for creating a trend of bananas and peanut butter with a little Nutella. I was sitting down with my companion eating lunch, when a random Elder walks by and goes "Hermana, you are amazing! I saw the peanut butter and banana thing you do and tried it. Let's just say you have changed my life!" I cracked up. I now understand that I am here on a mission not to preach the gospel but to preach to the world about the true, glorious nature of the banana and peanut butter combo. All good things :)

One day we planned on playing kickball but are not allowed to for safety reasons, so we played "Signs" instead. For those who haven't played it before, it is a wonderful game I would suggest someone explain to you as I don't have the time. Our Zone plays it every Monday for FHE and we played with some districts that were leaving the next week. It was by far the best game ever. We were under a canopy and were slipping and sliding where ever there were puddles but I wouldn't trade that memory for anything!

As I said, two of our Districts have left. 12E and 12B. With the leaving of these wonderful people whom Hna Simmons and I love, the Zone Leaders and Sister Trainers were reassigned. Hermana Simmons and I are now the Zone's Sister Trainers. We were both very humbled as every leader recommended us and when were called, each leader came up and gave us assurance that they knew we would do well. I love this calling and have truly felt the Lord's love work through me for these dear Hermanas in our charge.  
Some of the Hermanas

Funny little things: We have a window in our casa that we leave open where shoes are stacked so that we don't smell up the apartment. We can smell the cafeteria preparing dinner and every time that there are fries, missionaries are standing in line eating dinner just to get fries for dessert. So weird to me...

Everyone here is getting sick, I have remained strong but I feel my defenses may crumble. PLEASE everyone pray I will continue to sleep well and that I will not get sick. Thank you for those prayers, I feel the love you guys have for me. Even in times when you feel there is nothing you can do, you can always pray. THANK YOU! 

Fast Sunday came and went with so many wonderful experiences. I fasted for all of our district because have some discord and it really helped as I cannot even express the amount of LOVE I felt for them by the end of that day. I was all weepy .... at first it made me so mad because I HATE feeling weepy, but once I realized this was the Lord answering my prayer (and low blood sugar, thank you Mother...:)) I couldn't be more grateful. Guys, I go to bed each night and have to tell myself to stop praying. I have to make myself end my prayer because otherwise I would just stay up and talk to my Padre Celestial all night long. I have so much to be grateful for!  

One day as I sat in class, I started zoning a bit and noticed a painting on the opposite wall. It was of the Savior holding a little baby lamb and looking down on it with such love, compassion and knowing. As I looked at this lamb and marveled at the beauty of the painting, I was struck with the realization that I was this lamb. It looked so feeble, weak, and small. It also looked so innocent and reliant; however, the Lord was holding this lamb and looking on it as it were the only thing in the world that mattered. The Lord loves each of us so dearly that when we fall to our knees in anguish, and cry unto our Lord "Why oh why?" He is on His knees right next to us. He has His arms continually around us and looks upon us with such love, compassion, and knowing. We may appear feeble. We may seem weak. How wrong we are - We are asked to trust in the Lord, not only because He knows best, but because HE TRUSTS US. Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father BELIEVE in us. Don't ever tell yourself that you don't matter. Always remember the 99 sheep of the fold and you are the lamb that YOUR Savior went after.  I can testify to each and every one of you that Christ lives. I  have doubted and feared, but no more. D &C 6:36. "Look unto me in every thought, doubt not, fear not." I love this gospel and know of its truthfulness. I believe with all my being that this gospel can change lives, heal hearts and strengthen those feeble spirits. Without our Savior, we are nothing. With our Savior, WE ARE EVERYTHING. I have faith in each of you. Don't ever forget how much your Savior loves you and HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU, even in freezing cold Mexico...."Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." Please, take Him up on it. He listens to my rambling, broken Spanish and answers my prayers. He listens to my smallest pleas. He knows you. Now, decide what it means for you "To come unto Christ" and get to know Him. 

Hermana Lake 

P.S. For those emailing me, please make sure to always address me as "Hermana Lake". It is very important, as that is my calling. "Karis" is for 17 months from now. Gracias!


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