Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week #5 - I Love to See the Temple!

Hello one and all!!
SO - I've almost lived through the ENTIRE MTC! One more week until I am out in that beautiful field that is already to harvest :) September 30 at 2:30 AM I will be driving out of these hallowed walls to a wonderful continuance of my adventures as Hermana Lake. 

Everyone asks about it the food....I don't get it since I'm pretty sure Mexican food exists in the US too...but nonetheless, the food is wonderful! We have Mexican food ALWAYS with American food once a week. GUYS, I ATE A HAMBURGER AND FRIES LAST WEEK. We were all VERY excited! The food does, however, cause issues with digestive systems.  Anyway, the new and improved solution is......Papaya. It works wonders!  Back to good things. Apparently, my habit of a little meat, a little beans, and a mountain of lettuce with a lime and salt for seasoning has become somewhat of a phenomenon....I get missionaries commenting all the time; saying "wow, such a good idea" or "Hermana, that is so weird." Who knew that I would be a trend-setter on the mission....A few elders salad now! Another trend? A few weeks ago, my companion, whom I adore, put two tight braids on the right side of my head and pushed all the rest of my hair to the left - punkie and cute! (Cant stop it Mom, sorry :D) Anyway, for the next few days, Hermanas all over the CCM were wearing cute cornrows in an assortment of ways. Gotta love it ;) 

We have been having LOTS of Mexican candy as well due to Independence Day on September 15 and one of them is called Mazapan de Cacahuate. Dad, IT'S THE POWDERED PEANUT BUTTER WITH A LITTLE SUGAR. I get it every time and think of you :) They also have mountains of coconut so I get to think of my Mom for two seconds, then I realize that I'm eating candy.....and the reminder leaves ;) I am forever grateful to my parents for having us eat healthy our entire lives. I LOVE YOU GUYS!
Also, the reign of Hermana Barbie begins again. My companions tell me that I could be Hermana Barbie more times than I can count. So, Hillary, looks like our similar...well....everything pays off.  

Our Zone has a tradition of doing sign every Monday and this last Monday was by far the best. District 12A, the favorite, has one Elder saying "I'm Batman" or "Where's Rachel" and another Elder says "I'm Rachel" or "I'm right here" in a Falsetto voice. The last Elder has the sign "SAFE" like for an umpire. They went around in circles saying "Where's Rachel" to "SAFE" to "I'm right here!". We were laughing so hard people were legitimately on the ground. I LOVE IT! 

This week has also been VERY spiritual. I had the opportunity to be an investigator in a Demonstration for my class. My teacher was the missionary and I was to think of someone I knew well who was either inactive or wasn't a member. I chose one of my friends and said the name was Ally. During this time....wow. I prayed beforehand to be in tune with this person's true feelings and what exactly they would feel in these discussions. I have rarely before felt such peace, hope, and strength. It wasn't a BAM reaction but it was definitely a touching, powerful witness that this church is true, God loves this person and that He is waiting for them to return to Him. God doesn't give us anything in this life that we cannot handle. Our job is to decide if we want to live up to what the Lord believes we can do; become, and achieve.  We also teach each other within the District. We teach two Elders named Elder Jensen and Elder Reno. Both play someone in their life who is atheist because Jensen´s Dad died and God didn´t help and Elder Reno because he has had a very hard life. I started asking them about spiritual strength and if they believed they were spiritually strong. They each said, "no". I shard Alma 26:12 with them off the top of my head and explained to them that we couldn't tell them why Elder Jensen´s Dad died or why Elder Reno´s life was hard, but that God could. You just have to ask. After the lesson both Elders commented that I had done well and were impressed that I pulled scriptures out of nowhere that fit perfectly. I didn't know how to react...it felt wrong to claim the glory as mine. As I sat there a voice reminded me of the scripture. Jesus Christ is our Savior, I am His mouthpiece. That wasn't me!! These weren't my talents, abilities, or memorization. That was ALL my Savior knowing that I had put in the work to be used as His servant and Him keeping His promise to use me to serve. I AM ONLY A REPRESENTATIVE IN ALL THINGS. 

Mexico City Templo

I got to go to the Mexico City temple and got very car sick on the way there AND back. Guys, Mexico has the worst streets; however, the temple was beyond amazing. It is the House of the Lord.

I love my mission! I love my Savior. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL and the Book of Mormon. I have started taking my B of M to meals with me just so I can read a few more verses. I find myself feasting on these words and LOVING it.  

Hermana Lake.


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