Monday, December 29, 2014

Week #19 - Sunburned in December?

Can we just all stop for a moment and talk about how hot it is outside in DECEMBER?! I got a sunburn the other day people. If this day could please get just a little weirder. Washingtonian for life! My companion and I were biking just the other day (because we are...*cough cough...out of miles. I promise that I'm still good at budgeting guys) and we came all the way home from the church. About 8 miles. As we are biking our skirts off we get sweaty. Surprise right? Anyways, we get home (hot and sweaty), walk in the door and are all the sudden FREEZING cold. It feels good for about 2 minutes and then we grab out sweatshirts, fuzzy socks and hot chocolate. Tender mercy of the Lord for a Washingtonian? Our apartment has such bad condensation everywhere that you can't hang things up with any sort of stickies. It just falls off. I come from the area of the world where humidity is talked of in fables and fairy tales.  

Never play chicken with a chain linked fence... while talking on the phone... scheduling appointments... you will lose!

We are those sisters you see biking the streets of Florida!
DAAAAANNNNGGG. Family, you guys are all looking just smoking hot. I loved getting to talk to you! Afterwards, I got the wonderful privilege of being told I look just like Hill bill. When I showed my friends the cute pictures of you all from email, they all said, "That is so definitely your family" :)

I have a quick little moment of pride for you Mom and Dad. I have been so very many times on my mission how polite and refined I am. Thank you for teaching me that potty jokes were bad, crass jokes are not to be said, and that I should always try to be kind. I'm still working on the always being kind thing....but hey, we should always be progressing right?
Christmas came twice this week guys! Normal Christmas was one and the other was Sunday. We had 8 NEW investigators. EIGHT! We had a miracle day. 

We had a new gator named Robert who was taught previously but had so much work that he couldn't come to church. Guess what? HE HAS SUNDAYS OFF NOW! He's getting baptized in a few weeks. Then we had 3 beautiful Hondurans come. They looked up the church, called the bishop and worked out everything so they could come to church. We have a lesson with them tonight, keep you posted :)

LIS HAS BEEN REDISCOVERED! Lis was a recent convert that disappeared off the face of the earth for a month. We honestly thought that she went back to Cuba. Jokes! She was just working. After a month of not answering doors, phone calls or texts we finally got a hold of her and she has basically already converted her aunt and uncle to the church. Yes true, she was totally smoking when we surprised her at her house but that is something we help her with :) Basically, we had a set appointment with them and they weren't there. We had prayed before coming out to the house because she wouldn't answer again and still felt like we should go. We ended up harvesting in the rain again around her home and finding no one. But then we felt like we should just check on the house one more time and BAM.... They came to church and loved it, started crying. I'm so pumped for this New Year! 

I have a new companion! Her name is Hna McGrath. And she is the best. I have become increasingly aware that my Father in Heaven knows exactly what I need when I need it. Hna McGrath has been a welcome change for me to see how I can become better, kinder and more obedient. As we have been trying so hard to be obedient this past week, miracles have EXPLODED.  

Our house is going to go a little crazy and we are going to go anti-unhealthy for the next 6 months. They have started coming to me for health advice. I LOVE IT! Makes me feel like my weird eating habits are really not that weird and useful. I've been told that I make vegetables taste good...maybe I can actually cook ;)  I have decided that I am going sugar free for one year. I don't really get to control everything I eat but sugar....sugar I can control.    
Elder Morgan, Elder Edwards, and Hermana Lake
All are missionaries from Spokane!
I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!! Keep you posted on the rest of my awesome life. 

Hna Lago

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