Monday, January 5, 2015

Week #20 - A Tender Lesson Learned

Hello family and all who read this tale of happiness and conversion! 

So this week has been glorious. I'm learning so much from Sister McGrath! We have a TON of progressing investigators right now. The Lord seriously is trusting us with so much.  

Know that I am well, VERY happy, loving my mission and learning a lot.

Mom....I am so happy. Words cannot describe! I cannot imagine not being on a mission right now. This is changing EVERYTHING about me. I feel so peaceful, worthy, clean, and excited to share my testimony. I understand better everything that you have been trying to teach me now!! :) :)
Happy New Year!

We found an discarded Christmas tree and put it in the other Hermana's shower! 

One of our sisters broke her ankle this week and so Hna M and I have been going on a lot of exchanges with them. One day, we weren't sure who should go and who should stay with Sister Ulin. I had been struggling within myself all day long because I wanted to stay home but knew that I shouldn't and would deny it. I NEEDED to go out. But the Sister's prayed and felt that I should stay home. As I sat there watching a video with Sister Ulin....I was struck at the example of the early pioneers. They gave everything!! They lost their lives for the gospel. I have gained a few lbs and have had to walk from my car to houses or down a street! I just started to cry as I realized that the Lord was reminding me of my purpose. This gospel is SO PRECIOUS. How could I be so selfish as to want to stay home instead of leaving to share it? The Lord taught me a powerful lesson of gratitude and determination in that I cannot, nor will not forget. I'm so grateful for the day I stayed home. :) 

Hna Lake

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