Monday, January 26, 2015

Week #23 - A Week of Miracles!


The wonderful Honduran Girls that I mentioned last week have finally progressed to the point of getting BAPTIZED! One was struggling and would not BUDGE until receiving an answer that she was supposed to get baptized. We tried everything. Lessons explaining her progression, pointing out the commandments, her testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel, going to the temple, and having FHE with our ward. Nothing seemed to work; she was firm. Then our DL asked us if he could give the 3 their interviews and to prepare, with faith, for the following Sunday. In the interview...I don't know what was said but after the interview the 3 girls told us that they will be getting baptized this upcoming Sunday. They decided to be baptized in the ocean which was a little sad because we can't go BUT they committed! Nancy just received her answer, I guess. We were over the moon!  

Victor calls us his granddaughters! We had the wonderful great opportunity to help get him a job. Now, he is so much happier and busier and feels included. One of our members gave him clothes the other day. I LOVE MY WARD! They are so precious. I almost burst into tears when she handed us the clothes. You know that you have become a missionary when you feel more loved by the ward when they accept, love and revere your investigators instead of you. That is the greatest gift I might have ever been given. To have them love someone I love so much. YEAH :)  
This is Victor and his fence that we helped to build!

Ft Lauderdale Temple at night
This week has been one of a lot of finding.

Love you all! You're the best!  

Hna Lake

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