Monday, February 9, 2015

Weel #25 - Be the Sunrise for Someone's Soul


This week has been of the most interesting of natures. I have essentially realized that happiness comes through hard work and definitely not by just coincidence. Actually.....nothing comes just by coincidence. There is a life hack for ya.  

I've been having a little bit of a hard time this past few weeks with feeling like I could never be better. Sister McGrath, my wonderful inspired companion, told me to read a talk called "Souls, Symbols and Sacraments" by Elder Holland. READ. IT. Have your youth read it. Do not let any of your children go on a single date until they have read it. After reading that talk....I have never had so much joy EXPLODE within me. I can be FORGIVEN. Those moments when I knew what was right and chose wrong......they can be washed away. I can literally take ahold of the hand of my Savior and slowly rebuild my shattered soul. I thought for so many years that because of my choices...I could never be good. I could never be great. That I had forfeited blessings of God for eternity. But I realize now that all those scriptures and talks I read MEANT that I had given up amazing blessings in those moments. Doesn't mean that God will punish me for the rest of my life! I finally understand the scripture, "Thou their sins be as scarlet, they will be as white as snow." I cannot fully express the gratitude I have for my Heavenly Father and the ways He has changed me! Even though I ignored or disrespected my divine identity and the amazing sacrifice Christ made for me in the past...I don't need to feel like I'm permanently wrong or a sinner. GOD. HAS. FORGOTTEN. MY. SINS. So, obviously, I need to stop being such a cry baby and drowning myself in pity. Time to make some happiness. Let's do this.  

One of our Less Actives has made so much progress. He is SO shy and has been scared to death to come to church. Well. He CAME! He walked in about  6 weeks ago all by himself and has gone almost every Sunday since. This last Sunday....he was ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood. I have never been so happy. He told us nothing about it! All was a surprise and when they called his heart just LEAPED for joy. This man who had been telling us for weeks before that he wanted a good woman to marry and he wanted to good things but would NEVER act for it FINALLY started acting. He took a leap of faith and the blessings have started coming. I WAS ON AIR! Seriously people...I'm scared for after the mission because I'm just on a constant high here. I will not lie to you. At's hard. It's rough. It's scary. BUT happiness is made not just stumbled into. You want to be happy? Start smiling. Serving. Looking OUTSIDE of yourself. The rest just comes. Until we lose ourselves...we will not find ourselves. I love you All!

Hna Lake

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