Monday, February 23, 2015

Week #27 - Keys of the Kingdom


Man, I love you guys :) I was telling my companion, sister McGrath, a story about the kiddos right before I left and just got hit with this wall....Guess what, I love you guys! Weird, it's not like you guys are my best friends or something right?  

Something that I have started doing for my Heavenly Father is called a , "Just for the Record" prayer. Every day, I kneel down and just pour out my feelings. The hurts, the joys, the laughs and the cries. All I do is say, "Heavenly Father...." and then the flood gates open. Now, here is the marvelous part. After I've poured my heart out...the light falls into my heart and my mind. That's the moment when I feel the Lord teaching me and explaining to me his Atonement. His Love. The way He sees them. That is when success begins its journey. 

((Shout out to my sister Hillary, she gets all the credit for this ;))) 

This last week has been one of serious reflection. My letter the week before talked a lot about humility and how I needed to be better. Well, this's all about the keys to the kingdom!
Before I left for my mission, I was selfish. I was self centered. I was constantly turning inward instead of taking a moment to realize the world didn't revolve around me. For 6 months, I fought and changed and humbled myself. For 6 months my Heavenly Father placed me close enough to the fire to be remolded but no quite close enough to get burned. After 6 months. I can't even explain the joy that I have for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. After 6 months.....I'm ready to start my mission.  

When I came out, I wanted to be here so that I could have a new slate. It was about me. It's so different now! All I want is to save every single stinking person I run into. From the obnoxious drunks that hit on you as you knock doors to the crazy person that asks you to come teach them just so they can fight you. I can't help but love them so much! Charity is the best thing that has ever hit me square in the face. As I was reading in the BoM, I found a verse that it explains it clearly. These missionaries could not bear the thought that one soul would be lost. This is where I'm at. I can't walk past someone on the street and not try to give them a card, talk to them, brighten their day with a smile, ANYTHING to get them to open their hearts to the truth. I am FINALLY a missionary. And..."I'm on top of the world, HEY, I'm on top of the world HEY!" (Name that song?) If you wanna be on top of the world, trying being a missionary. It doesn't have to be huge. Just give the cashier at a store a card. Or give someone a Book of Momon for a bday gift. So small. BUT so FULFILLING. My calling tells me that I will experience joy greater than I have ever known as I serve with all my mind, heart and strength. I testify that is true and that each of you can have this experience.  

I love you all! Be safe. 

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