Monday, March 16, 2015

Week #30 - Baby Steps to the Transfer Meeting

Hello Family! 

So I'm transferring! After being here in West Palm Beach for almost 6 months, I'm heading out! I don't know where I will be going but Hermana McGrath is TRAINING! This girl is so stinking prepared. I couldn't be more happy to see her rock this....although I am so sad she is leaving :( I love Sister McGrath so much.....I can't really explain it. We are just friends/sisters/best friends/companions. I don't know! The mission screws with you makes you all soft and gooey.  It's a wonderful thing to love everyone here in Florida so stinking much that you would lay down your life for them....but also mildly dangerous as many of them would glad take advantage of that ;) (Just Kidding Mom!!)

As I said, I'm leaving.....right AFTER all the miracles start hitting us. We have had a really tough transfer with a LOT of knocking doors, fighting for all we've got for referrals and receiving almost nothing. But it definitely prepared me to be humble enough and loving enough to receive the amazing investigators we have now.
Our Miracle: We pray, in front of a map for our area, every time we go out to knock doors. This last week, we prayed fervently and felt like we should go to this little tiny area of houses to knock which was completely untouched. So we drove on over, parked ourselves and knocked on the very first door we could find. A cute Latina answered the door and we started talking to her. She was only about 16 so we asked if her parents were home. She opened the door a little wider to reveal her family sitting at the table. Without hesitation the parents welcomed us in. We sat down and IMMEDIATELY clicked with this family. After almost 45 minutes of joking around and laughing we shared a prayer with them. In the prayer, they asked us to include the husband's parents who were very sick. We, of course, did and felt the Spirit very strongly. We called them the next day and the mother, with many tears, told us that the mother-in-law had passed away. We stopped by the house that night and found them all SOBBING. We offered what consoling words we could, tried to explain the Plan of Salvation a little bit, and then went on our way, trying to figure out how to share this message of hope with them. We realized the only way we could....would be through LOVE and SERVICE! When we stopped by the next day, the family were all smiling as we walked in. We began joking around and making them laugh when some other friends arrived. Of course, they began to question who we were and why we were there. Louis, the father, stood up for us and explained that we had come in a time of need and that we were good friends. He understood that we were merely there because we LOVE this family. When we explained that we had to leave, Louis' face just FELL. You could tell that this family was feeding off of the peace that we brought every time we entered their home. The next day, we showed them "On the Way Home". It's a really touching story about a family that loses their daughter. As we showed it to them, the Spirit entered so strongly. We explained that our message came from our hearts and that we wanted nothing more than to help and to strengthen them. We asked them to pray to know that God wanted this message for them. We will go over tonight to teach the Plan of Salvation. I AM SO NERVOUS!!!! But so grateful. I know they will get baptized. They are AMAZING!

I had to say goodbye to Victor hard. Man. I love him SO MUCH! He explained to us how we had changed his life. In the time we found him, he had his mother, 3 brothers, a granddaughter and a niece all die. He was on the run from people who hated him. He was alone. He explained to us how he had been going through such a hard time...he had lost the desire to live. Then we showed up. He explained that if it had been anyone older, more experience, he would have ignored them and stated all was a lie. But because the Lord sent him two sweet, innocent 18 year olds...he listened and began to feel peace. He told us very plainly that we had saved his life. He bore his strong testimony that he KNEW this was the one true church, that he was reading the Book of Mormon (Even though it gives him terrible headaches because of poor vision) and that we needed to go on to find other "Victors". He called us his angels :) 

Nancy and Jenny came knocking doors with us and fully expressed that they felt we were their angels as well. That we had changed their lives. They felt peace and that their lives made a full 180 turn around. Nancy explained that her whole life, she felt like something was missing. She had been searching for YEARS and after she was baptized...she explained that she felt WHOLE. What was lost was found. Jenny explained that right before her baptism in another church ...that she hesitated...she felt someone telling her not to do it. But she ignored it, saying it was the devil and did it anyway. Afterwards, she felt HORRIBLE. She knew she had done wrong! Before her baptism a month ago....she says she felt none of that and afterwards...she felt complete peace and joy.  

Let's just say this folks: Missionary work is THE LORD'S WORK. I am the weakest of the weak and am the most natural of natural men....but through me....these amazing people were able to feel of the love of their Savior and understand FINALLY who they are. How can anyone doubt their testimony when they have the opportunity to see this work?? THAT is why it's a commandment to do missionary work. Yes, it's for your brothers and sisters....but news flash! Nothing God ever commands us to do only blesses one way. EVERYTHING blesses you and others equally. When you share a testimony, it grows, fortifies and becomes KNOWLEDGE. I hope and pray that when I leave my mission....people can say that Hermana Lake KNEW her Savior; that she KNEW He lives; that she KNEW the gospel was true and that she KNEW the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was the Savior's church here on the earth. I love this work. I love my Savior. I LOVE MY GOD! 

Hermana Lake

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