Monday, March 30, 2015

Week #32 - A New Area!

Hello All!

I'm sorry to say that I focused a lot more on the individuals than this email. Sorry! 

This week has been one of great fun and adventures. We are knocking till we drop, preaching till we can't talk anymore, and eating all this Latin food till we almost explode :) All for the Lord. Worth it, no?

The area is going well. We are looking over a lot of former and potentials. The less active work in this area is HUGE and so we are very conscious of making sure we balance the 75% with the 25%.  We are experiencing some difficulty with the ward but there isn't anything the we can't handle with a little charity right? We are going to be rebuilding a lot of burned bridges and praying for that guidance. I know I can be of use in this area FOR A LONG TIME. Hopefully, the Lord feels that way too :)   I am excited for my time here. A lot of hard work to be DONE! 

Sister Bradley and I love each other. We clicked from the beginning and have just helped each other overcome fears, worries and insecurities through our past learning experiences. Un ejemplo that God always has a plan and that it always works out!

A miracle that we enjoyed this week was actually just that I was blessed with the Elders we have and my companion. I know that together, the area will becoming a spiritual and life-saving MACHINE (with still a lot of love and charity and mind centered on the people, no worries :)) Thank you for being worthy of the guidance of our Father in Heaven. It truly helped us out here in this area. 

Something that I learned is that because of the fall of Adam, those without the gospel are cut off from God. Completely. Spiritually Dead. I'm saving lives out here! I am literally an angel. I can't believe it. Gives me incentive to work 10 times harder!

Hna Lake

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