Monday, May 11, 2015

Week #38 - A Lifetime to Learn!

Hello Family!  

This week has been amazing. We are seeing so many miracles in our area as we are diligent and go that small extra mile.

Saturday we went out to go knock some doors and felt like we should go to a certain area. We were driving through the neighborhood and saw no Latins for us to teach. We jokingly started to play "Search and Find" and saw one Latin lady up on a balcony of an apartment. Both of us felt like we needed to talk to her. We knocked for about 45 mins at the apartment complex before we found lady on the balcony. The lady and her husband were both home and we OYMed them, invited them to church, and got to know them just a little bit. The next day, they didn't come to church. But, instead of just saying, "Well, that's the breaks!" We felt we needed to see them. We left immediately after church and found both of them, once again outside talking. We re-committed them to church and testified to them. They gave a firm YES to church and gave us their phone number so we could come over. This family is special! We could just feel it!

I've been learning a lot about faith. Faith is not having a perfect knowledge of things but it's also needs to be strong enough in order to bring about miracles. It is a principle of power also isn't perfect.  

I was so confused. How was I supposed to have faith when I still was human and doubted? How was I supposed to bring about miracles, that I wanted SO BADLY, when I also was subject to the will of God? I couldn't understand. But as I read in the Book of Mormon I discovered something amazing. 

Faith is DILIGENT TRUST in the Lord. If we set out every day with the knowledge that God wants us to succeed and will help us, if we ask and if we have faith. Faith is more that just believing, it's also action. Faith is not perfect. But it can become perfect. Doubt will arise, we will be confused at times but as long as we ACT and TRUST in God's commandments, we will never be lost. Our Savior's atonement also covers faith. Regardless of whether or not we have one doubt or a thousand, if we trust in God and act (do the things He has already asked us) and give the rest to our Savior....we will succeed. We will receive answers. We can't just sit back and wait for a sign! Did Nephi? No! Did he receive success? Yes!  If we rely on our Savior, we can achieve what we think is impossible. We need to understand that we are essentially nothing without Him but that through Him we can become gods and goddesses.

Sister Lightheart is the coolest person ever. I seriously love her. In the past, I've had a really hard time with companions. I truly loved each and every one of them and would give my life for them....but with some, I felt alone. Our friendship is blossoming and we are both growing so much as missionaries. I enjoy every second with her! It just shows that when we have faith in God's purposes and we diligently do as we should...He blesses us! I have found two more amazing best friends that I can be myself around. It's awesome.

I love each of you! Be safe! Watch for cars and don't eat your cereal too kills. Seriously though.

Hna Lake

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