Monday, September 14, 2015

Week #56 - Jupiter!

I'm doing well and really love my new area. We've been working a lot more with members in order to find people to teach and it's amazed me how the Lord lets it all fall into place. We've been finding member referrals popping up all over the place. We have gone from having NO ONE to teach to then finding all these miracle potentials, I'm amazed at the grace of God. How weak are His servants and yet how infinite is His forgiveness and goodness.

 Crazy fun this week:

 1) I walked/pet a goat. There is a family in our ward who had two goats that they treated as dogs. The owner even asked it for a kiss! 

2) I discovered that I'm scared of thunder. We've been caught in multiple thunderstorms and have had the joy of jumping into my companion's arms each time it sounds like there are two giant cymbals being smashed together in the sky. Granted: We are usually hiding under a door ledge but hey, still surprising. Who'da thunk? I always tell my companion that I was just surprised by it to save face....yeah, who said fear was logical?  

3) We bike all the time here! I LOVE IT! I'm learning to OYM all over again. Sad that it left after 2 weeks. 

We went over to a member's home for dinner yesterday and afterwards asked that she drive us so that we could find a media referral. Apparently, the address was wrong! Great. But then, she decided to show us where some other members lived. We ran into these AWESOME members who gave 3 referrals of potential investigators. It was such a miracle. They really wanted to get involved and were willing to host us in their home for a FHE.

We were out knocking doors and felt that we should knock a certain door. This is the dialogue of the Spirit with our companionship:

Spirit: Knock this door

Us: Yes sir!

 Knocked once. No answer.

Us: Okay, should we knock again?

Spirit: No. 

Us: Okaaayy, should we leave a card?

Spirit: No. Just wait.


Spirit: *silence*

Then we heard footsteps and looked up to see a beautiful Asian girl walking down the steps. We OYMed her and began talking. Turns out, she met a Mormon at college, works with many of them at her job, and is super interested in learning more. We gave her a card with our number on it, contacted all the other members that work with her and have them invited them to fellowship. She is here alone and lives with all atheists. She needs love and friends! She needs the gospel and, even better, SHE WANTS IT!

Us: Thank you, Spirit.

Spirit: You're welcome :)

God has miracles that sometimes pop up without your knowledge or even idea that it could happen. As long as we TRUST IN THE LORD, it'll all work out. We don't have time to try and control our's all in God's hands and we just need to live worthy of the Spirit.

I love you ALL!

Hermana Lake

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