Monday, October 12, 2015

Week #60 - My Baby's got a Blue Chainsaw

The title is a tribute to Sister Stewart.

So family! Your daughter is once again TRAINING! I'm transfer training. I'm stoked. I can't wait to find out where I'm going. They are opening a new YSA in my baby area so I'm praying that I get to be sent there with my baby. PLEASE!
This week has been amazing! We had interviews with President This last week. That interview was much needed. He gave me such a cool idea! We were talking about Captain Moroni and the reason behind his success as a leader and a son of God. He controls his thoughts! Satan cannot tempt what he does not have.

"All the evil in the world
The darkest kind of sin
Can never hurt you
Not one bit
Unless you let it in!"

President is a Harry Potter fan and attributed this thought cleanse to when Dumbledore puts his wand to Harry's temple and pulls out a "memory" and puts it in a flask.  I have already implemented the "Dumbledore Swish and Flick" for my thoughts and it works wonders. I'm throwing all sorts of stuff out! It has bothered Sister Estrada and I to realize how often Satan attacks our minds and how to be more like Moroni and push against those things. I love it! If you find negativity, sadness, doubt or anything you don't want coming into your mind, try the Swish and Flick. It's a physical action that brings about spiritual blessings!

We've seen so many miracles this week. On Sunday we heard about Tender Mercies in our Sacrament Meeting and then our investigator, Maleigha, received a priesthood blessing afterwards and we talked more about miracles. Miracles are daily things. They CAN be big things but most often, they are small and specialized to us. This last week I was emotionally exhausted. I silently prayed and asked for help to be loving and be a true disciple of Christ. That day....I'd never had so many nice people talk to us! Everyone was kind, we met multiple people who had previous contact with the church and many accepted a prayer. No one wanted to learn more about the gospel, which was saddening, but I felt like God gave me a small miracle that day. He watched out for me even though He put me here so these hard things would make me grow. I know Heavenly Father loves me.
We met this great lady knocking doors who is a devout Catholic. She mentioned that something was missing and that she wished to figure it out. Well. That's the priesthood. It is SO amazing. I sat in a room watching Maleigha receive a priesthood blessing and was so grateful for all the amazing priesthood holders in my life and their worthiness.

I've also been learning more about Faith. Before, I struggled understanding why every time I felt like I knocked doors with firm faith and determination.....we found no one. I learned that we need to have faith in Jesus Christ and to understand that His purposes are always for our good. We need to trust him. But we also need to HOPE! I've never fully understood that connection. But faith is belief in concrete things - like our Heavenly Father's love. Hope is a belief that because of that love, He will give us what we need, when we need it. I stand hopeful for the many miracles to come with my baby in my next area. I'm so stinkin excited!!! :) I hope I go Spanish again!!
I love you all :) 

Hna lake


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