Monday, October 5, 2015

Week #59 - Once there was a Snowman

 I'm doing OUTRAGEOUSLY well. I've picked up a new love for iced tea, thanks to our southern investigator, Maleigha. "But Sister Lake! TEA?!?" Don't worry. To help Maleigha overcome her addiction to tea, we put a spin on it and made Chamomile sweet tea. It is surprisingly delicious and has the potential to give you cavities within a week. Yum! Maleigha asked me how I can handle drinking any kind of tea without sugar or honey in it and I explained my childhood. She looked at me with horror in her eyes. "You poor dear! You only had dessert ONCE A WEEK?!?" I just died. Apparently, I was abused as a child because my mother kept me from thousands of cavities.
THANK YOU MOTHER! #lakefamilyprobs
Can we all just stop for a moment and realize how amazing are our mothers? It's true. They truly do bear so much for us.  

This conference taught me a lot about the Atonement: 

Are you sure??

Come on, there has to be another way?

You're playing with me aren't you?

But there is no way!!!

"Not my will but Thine be done"

OKAY! You're right, you're right. 

How often have we had this conversation when we try to make God change His answer for us, "ARE YOU SUUUUUURE??" comes His loving reply.  I can remember SOOOOO many times my mother saying, "My answer isn't going to change no matter how much you wish it!"

God gave me an answer this last week that was really hard to handle. It was big, scary and I knew it was going to push me more than anything else. I think I asked these questions, time after time after time. Finally, He just stopped answering. The silent treatment is as good as, "It's not going to change! I already told you the answer!"   

As I watched those selfless men and bear testimony to eternal truths, I felt my heart stir in remembrance of my Savior and all that He, too, gave for me. When our dear prophet, Thomas S. Monson, looked as though he would collapse right at the pulpit, my heart split in two. It was so striking to realize that this man gave EVERYTHING for us. He looked determined that he would not fall, he would not go down and that he would share this message from his heart to the world. When he did that, I envisioned my Savior bent over in the garden, pleading that there be another way and yet doing the Father's will.  It helped me to understand the Atonement better. 

"If ye love me, keep my commandments" That is my scripture to ponderize. It reminds me, "Do I really love my Savior enough to do X thing? " "Am I really committed to follow Him?". "Can I follow through with the covenant I have made?" We made promises that we must now break. When fear smacks ya in the noggin, remember this: If we truly love the Savior, we will do as He has asked. No sacrifice is too much for the Savior; yet, He will help us make that sacrifice!

 Finally, I accepted it. I'm listening now. I'm sorry for being stubborn. I still don't get it. I'm still a little scared. But, I'm trusting you. I will listen. 

1 Nephi 3:7- I will prepare a way for you to do all things that I have commanded. Stop worrying!

I love you. 

I love you too.  

God calls those who are weak and simple. It's scary. It's a little daunting. But it's possible. Just let Him in. "LET THE EARTH RECEIVE HER KING" So, when are you going to do it? Do what you may ask? RECEIVE. God is waiting. Receive His will and let It change your life.  

Miracle: Ronald is amazing! He came to conference, LOVED it and took a page and a half of notes. When the session finished, he asked one question about the structure of the church and that's it. THAT's IT?! His mother shows doubts and Ronald stood up for a church he has known for a week! He testified to his mother of truths. He knows this is true!! He can't wait to be baptized on the 18th and the ward has really stepped up to help him. Wow. I'm stunned and inspired by this 18 year old. He has such a good head on his shoulders. I wish you all could meet him!

I love you!

Hna Lake

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