Monday, October 19, 2015

Week #61 - Welcome to Miami!

That's right folks. I'm in the wonderful city of Miami. Drivers are terrible, everyone speaks Spanish and there are people to talk to every 2 feet. Needless to say, I'm in love. I never want to leave here!
I LOVE BEING A TRAINER! This is pushing me to be at my best 100% of the time and I love it. Sister Evans is adjusting well. She loves knocking doors and wants to get to know everyone that we meet. She definitely excels in the "Teach People, not Lessons" category. She oymed someone by herself yesterday and did a wonderful job. She is a SPONGE! Everything that we say and do, she absorbs. She is always asking questions and loves to improve. I love her to pieces :)  

Sister Evans is from Kaysville, Utah (surprise, la fabrica)  She is full of laughter, energy and is ALWAYS hungry. We have a constant supply of snacks because she can't make it an hour without eating ;) Makes sense, she is 6 ft and teeny tiny! She is my first companion that has been taller than me. When we knock on doors, people just see two tall blonde warriors ready to convert them on the spot! I love missionary work. I'm doing very well. Pinky promise! Training is more responsibility but I am thriving under the hustle and bustle and constant to-do list. This is the busiest I've been and I'm in love with it. It's been a blast to get to know a new area and meet thousands of Cubans!

Miracle: Yesterday we were out knocking doors in this certain area and when our time finished, we felt we should continue knocking more. It was about 8:15 and some people were a little angry but when we prayed for guidance, we felt we should be more careful about the doors we knock and to keep going! The last door we knocked was Tony. He has been Catholic for years and warmly accepted a prayer. Afterwards, we testified of the Book of Mormon, the Restoration and invited him to read it. When we called him this morning, he had read the chapter, prayed about it and felt wonderful! Sadly, he chooses to follow the tradition of his fathers BUT we planted a deep seed. When we told him he could keep the Book of Mormon, he was so excited so that he could continue reading. We will be following up in a few weeks to get him baptized! :)

 Moral of the story: Be Aware. Be Diligent. Don't allow Satan to dictate your choices.

We were walking down the street one day and suddenly an image popped into my mind of a tall, strong, seemingly determined warrior. I could see within her eyes the unwavering decision to fight. She emanated a powerful presence of confidence and strength. She seemed to say "Try me. I know what I want and why I am here!!!" Then the image was gone. At first I didn't understand where this came from or why I thought of it but it seemed so real and so tangible. Each one of us are powerful, strong children of our Heavenly Father. As we live worthily of the Spirit, we will become these amazing beings of confidence and strength. The Spirit is the great refiner. It can change hearts. Minds. Worlds. It is the greatest gift that God could have given us for our time here on earth.  

I know that the Spirit is the greatest and easiest pathway to change and to happiness. Live worthily of it and you will be at peace. There is no greater joy than that!

Hna Lake

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