Monday, December 7, 2015

Week # 68 - I Love being a Missionary!

Dearest Family- 

I love everything about being a missionary. It's so much fun!! You get to save lives out here. That's what it means to be in the work of Salvation right? 

I've been studying more about the 4th missionary this week and trying to also become more converted to our mission focus of baptism and dates for baptism. As I was studying on page 11 of Preach my Gospel, it clicked for me why it is necessary for us to baptize others into this specific church with this authority. Our purpose and privilege on this earth is to change to become more like our Savior. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the pathway we have been given to make that possible. We must have faith, repent and be baptized with His priesthood authority so that the Holy Ghost can be our Sanctifying Companion. Until we help these people accept the message of the Restoration, their true purpose in this life will be closed to them. Of course, the Spirit can touch them AT TIMES but the sanctifying experience that we all need to receive in order to complete our purpose here will not be available until they are baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  

I have never been so grateful for my mission. It saved my life. I'm not being dramatic, I really do believe that my mission has saved my life spiritually, temporally, and emotionally. It's been one of the dang hardest things I have ever done; however, through my mission, my eyes have been opened to an understanding of the gospel, myself, my potential, and my purpose here on earth. With gratitude, I am learning more about the importance of baptism and it has made me want to bring it to all people. I finally understand more of who I am. I understand more about my divine nature, the love of a Father in Heaven and my potential. I understand the purpose of my life, the gift of the Atonement, and the perfect plan of my Heavenly Father. I WANT EVERYONE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT I NOW DO! It makes it a whole lot easier to be committed to something when you know and understand who you should be. If you are struggling with your testimony of the gospel open up your scriptures, read the talks of men called by God to instruct you and stop trying to find God's answers from Satan's resources. I know that this is my Savior's church. I know it!
This past month at a Zone Conference, I had the opportunity to pretend to be the investigator of two sweet sisters (one of which was Sister Becky might know her?). They taught me the Restoration so simply and then asked me one simple question. "What would it mean to you if this young boy really did receive this vision?" One simple question. It completely dumbfounded me. I had to go deep within my heart to find the answer. I thought and then said, "It would mean this really is the church of my Savior!" Tears welled up in my eyes as the Spirit whispered to me that this was true. I knew without a doubt that what I had said was true. This is the best and only way to be happy, to find peace, to be relieved of guilt and shame and to progress in this life. It is the best and only way because it is our Heavenly Father's way.  

I received this answer slowly. Took me about a year. After studying extensively, both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and through lessons given me through apostles of God, I came to the conclusion (intellectually) that this was God's church. It made sense. Everything fit together. There were similarities between then and now. "Sure, why not!" I thought. But then I realized that my testimony needed to be gained by faith. I began to pray, and to continue praying daily, to receive my testimony that this is my Savior's church and to grow in my faith. It's worth it. It brings so much goodness and joy!!

 We received a referral from a recent convert in Virginia this last week for a man named Luis. What a miracle that man is. His life is less than wonderful right now and he started drinking heavily. One day, his friend from Virginia told him that he was sending missionaries to his home. Luis stopped drinking that day. He hasn't drank for 3 weeks! He has such a hard time reading but when we committed him to read the introduction of the Book of Mormon and to pray about it, he tried. He said that after he prayed, he felt such joy and happiness and wants to continue reading in the children's Book of Mormon. He is so humble and wonderful. WE LOVE HIM!


Hna Lake

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