Monday, November 9, 2015

Week #64 - Laughter Changes the Weather

Hello Family!

Not that we ever have a shortage of sun here in Florida but I'm thinking of all y'all in the wonderful winter wonderland :) Add a little sunshine to your life!  

One of my very wise resources of guidance for my mission gave me some great counsel. In the morning, get up, look in the mirror and force yourself to laugh. How ever long it takes until you start laughing for real. It does WONDERS!  It wakes you up, get some chemicals moving in your brain and overall makes you happier. Children tend to laugh (I think, don't quote me) 140 times a day. However, adults laugh up to 17 times a day.  No wonder children are happier, less stressed, kinder and have a better optimistic look on life. "Become as a little child" and force yourself to laugh once and a while. It'll do you good :)  

I was talking with my companion last week about what I could do to help make the work easier for her. Her response was, "I need to laugh". I sat back and thought.....and realized that I hadn't stopped or really laid back enough to really laugh. I'd become so, "Go. Get it done. Work!"  that I forgot to find the joy in what I was doing. My faith struggled. My happiness struggled. My stress level rocketed. Overall, I was a mess. My companion was a tender mercy to save me from myself.

Now, this week....was completely different. I woke up in the morning and would find ways to tease my companion or act like a goof. Soon, I was laughing because it was hilarious to see her reaction and she was laughing because I was being totally weird. It lightened everything and made all the difference for her. Then we would sing to each other, quote movies, draw hilarious pictures, take  pictures together, tell stories and overall, BE HAPPY!  It was night and day. Both us become happy, optimistic, calm, faithful and hopeful. Overall, the mission turned from hard to manageable! It was the best!

No matter the dimness of the sky with its heavy clouds of gray, somewhere shines the sun  just to brighten up your day :) But you have to push aside the clouds, search amongst the guck, to find your own ray of'll find it, trust your luck!

This week we found no new investigators. We have been trying to find people to teach with no luck. But, we remained faithful and prayed specifically for a miracle. We went on Sunday with a sticky note of all these plans we had for Miracle #1 and Miracle #2.

We get to church and there is a Part Member Family we've been trying to track down and the mother (nonmember) is crying during the lesson on Eternal Families. We are seeing them this Wednesday. Then we walk outside and see a member ,who was telling us about this woman she wanted us to meet earlier that week, with her friend! We were able to set up an appointment to see them this Saturday! God is good and He will never fail us. The miracle was expected but came in an unexpected way. :)

A beautiful day!
I love you all and I am so grateful for my mission and for this gospel. It has changed me and my life for the eternities. I know that my Savior loves each of us and desires our happiness. Nothing in life is meant to make us sad but merely to help us greater understand joy.

Hermana Lake

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